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10 Proven Tips To Sell Your Home Faster & For More

Find out how much your home is worth now, and how to get more for it…
10 Proven Tips To Sell Your Home Faster & For More

Find out how much your home is worth now, and how to get more for it…

Try these ten tips to attract more buyers, and get them to offer more:

1. Price it Right
Price is everything when it comes to marketing your home for sale. Ask too much and your home listing may not be taken seriously. Ask too little and you might have to take what you asked for. Price it well.

2. Use the Right Price Point
The exact digits you use in your asking price will determine how many people see it, the value they assign to it, and how likely they are to actually want to come out and view it. Fall just outside of the box and you’ll miss the best buyers.

3. Bonuses
If you really want to sell your home fast consider bonuses. Offer a bonus to the agent who brings you are a buyer who can close within your time frame. Or a sliding bonus depending on how fast it sells.

4. Get an Aggressive Agent
There are thousands of real estate agents out there. If you want the best results you need to choose carefully. Look for an aggressive agent. All the years in school and fancy technology isn’t going to mean much unless your agent is aggressive enough to get out there and sell your home.

5. Encourage Critique
Wise home sellers encourage critique. They’ll solicit feedback from prospective buyers, and advice from real estate experts. Ask what they love and don’t about your house, and what might help it sell faster and for more.

6. Creative Incentives
Creative incentives for buyers can help create some buzz, increase visibility, and can add value. It could be providing a more seamless move-in experience, a big gift, a designer label or custom improvement. It’s up to you.

7. Stage it
Professional home staging has been statistically proven to help homes sell faster, and for more money. This can be as basic as a few new throw pillows, or completely refurnishing your place.

8. Pave the Way
Successful sellers and agents are increasingly opting to order title searches, home inspections, and valuation reports in advance. This can help pre-empt issue which could otherwise derail a closing and can make your property far more attractive to buyers. It gives them the confidence needed to make an offer.

9. Stay Flexible
Remember what is most important, but be flexible on everything else. Be willing to adjust pricing, what will be included in the sale or not, terms, etc. Know your bottom line, leave room to be flexible.

10. Save on Taxes
One of the biggest areas of impact when selling your home can be taxes. Fortunately, there are many tools for reducing your taxes, and even enjoying tax-free proceeds. Investigate 1031 exchanges, self-directed IRAs, and other exemptions.

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