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Finding Office Spaces in Brooklyn for Art Studios

Art Studios is a thing in NY. New York has its significant share of creative minds and artists in the country. It is the dream of most artists to set up studios in NY. However, finding office spaces in NY is not easy. Some of the challenges of finding an office as an artist in NY are;
Finding Office Spaces in Brooklyn for Art Studios 2


  • Cost – the cost of offices in NY is high. Everyone wants an affordable office that is fairly priced, something that is difficult in NY.
  • Aesthetics –it is difficult to find an office that reflects your profession as a creative artist. Most of the offices are built for conventional white-collar jobs and corporations.
  • Availability –even though offices exist, the number of companies and or individuals that want to rent these offices is high. This makes it difficult to find an excellent office space that is yet to be occupied.

Lofts Art Studios

Despite these problems, many people are unaware of the potential that Office lofts have, especially for creative art studios. Lofts were originally built as large hallways with high ceilings, thick columns, and large windows for industrial use.

However, in the 1960s and ‘70s, after the manufacturing industry started drying out, artists converted them into live-work facilities. Some of the famous artists who have used lofts include Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Andy Warhol.

Advantages of using lofts as art studios

If you haven’t considered using Office Lofts, here are some of the reasons why you should try;

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Lofts are relatively cheaper compared to other conventional offices. You will save a ton of money if you used lofts instead of the conventional offices. Isn’t that what we all want? To save as much money as possible?
  • Appealing –loft spaces are appealing. It is the aesthetics of lofts, together with their popularity that has seen them being featured in different movies such as Ghost.
  • Availability –it is pretty easy to find loft spaces that you can convert into offices if they aren’t already being advertised as offices. Here is a full list of available office loft for art studios in Brooklyn.

Factors to consider before renting an Office Loft

When looking for loft office spaces for art studios in Brooklyn, or any other places for that matter, there are certain things to look out for. Some of these things even apply to other types of offices. They are;

  • Accessibility – you want an office, which your customers can access easily, with good and safe parking, and are easy to find. This is the same reason why people look for front door offices.
  • Aesthetics –these relate to the appearance of your art studio. You want an art studio, which is appealing to not only you but also your clients included.
  • Location –the location of any office matters a lot. Where your office is located will send a subconscious message to your client. A good example is an office, which is located in Downtown NY, compared to an office in one of the different sub-urban.

Office Lofts for Rent in Brooklyn, NY

Finding loft offices for your art studio, which fulfills the above criteria, is not easy. More so, you will need to move from one Loft to another in order to find the best. Don’t worry though, we have prepared a list of some of the available Lofts in Brooklyn.These lofts satisfy the criteria discussed above.  A quick “Office Lofts near me”, search on the internet can also bring out some of the available lofts, which you can use for your art studios.

Looking for Creative Office Loft?

Try this website, it has a large selection of loft buildings in Brooklyn.


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Finding Office Spaces in Brooklyn for Art Studios – Creative Loft Spaces
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