Giving Back – Brooklyn Made

Giving Back

So far some of these projects and ideas have included:
  • Promoting local businesses on our Blog & Podcast
  • Giving Free Advice on How to grow local business
  • Supporting dog shelters
  • Donating toys for local Toys For Tots
  • Helping neighbors with some property repairs
  • Bringing small amusement parks to the block for kids to have fun
  • Bringing fresh plants and flowers to neighbors on the block
Giving Back

A part of each and every dollar of your business goes to charitable causes, and back into improving the local community.

We are so fortunate to both live in amazing Brooklyn, New York, and to be involved in real estate. It’s an incredible place, community, and I get to do what I am passionate about every day. But what really makes it most rewarding is the privilege of being able to give back.

We don’t believe helping others and improving the places we live should just be a once a year deal during the holidays. I also know that while we all want to give and pay it forward it can be difficult to find the time and navigate all the options out there. So I’ve made it easy for our clients too. Part of every dollar in business we do goes to local causes that have a real impact. Think about it as me automating giving back to you.

It’s amazing how even the smallest efforts and acts of kindness can really make a difference in other people’s lives. And there is nothing more rewarding.

I’d love to hear your ideas for giving, improving communities in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, and about the causes that mean the most to you.

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