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Placement and Care of Area Rugs

An important question to address when selecting an area rug for a home is, ‘What size fits the space?’

An important question to address when selecting an area rug for a home is, ‘What size fits the space?’ An area rug should offer a balance of visible flooring and rug. Keep some things in mind when selecting area rugs for specific rooms in the home.


Living Room Area Rugs

Determine the goal of the rug. Will it anchor a seating area or be the focal point of a space? There is not a hard and fast rule about rugs going under a couch or sitting in front of it. Designers recommend rugs running the length of a sofa.

If the rugs sit in front, it is recommended to be six to 18 inches from the couch. The size of the rug needed depends on the size of the room. A 5 X 8 or 9 X 12 are typical sizes for living rooms. Small living rooms are attractive when 3 X 5 and 4 X 6 rugs sit in front of furniture. Areas rugs that are entirely beneath furniture add a sense of grandeur. Large rooms can accommodate multiple rugs that separate seating areas.

Dining Room Area Rugs

The function is a consideration for area rugs in the dining room. The rug should fit underneath the dining table. All four chair legs should be on the rug when they are pulled out from the table. The configuration ensures the chairs are safe and balanced for those who sit on them. Designers recommend the rug to extend 24 to 36 inches past the table ledge on all sides. Regular entertainers need to include the leaf when measuring.

Area Rugs in Bedroom

Designers recommend placing rugs beneath the bed that extends on either side. Occupants of the bed should step onto the rug when they get up. Start the rugs in front of the bedside tables to optimize the usable amount of rug space.

An 8 X 10 area rug will provide two feet, six inches on both sides of a queen size bed with three feet, six inches at the foot. A 9 X 12 area rug provides two feet, ten inches on both sides of a king size bed and four feet at the foot. Accent rugs are an excellent addition for smaller bedrooms. They can be placed near the bed to provide a landing that is comfortable or at the foot, depending on the shape and size of the room.

Care of the Rugs

Area rugs in high traffic areas are exposed to wear-and-tear of foot traffic. If there are pets in the house, rugs experience more traffic and cause an increase in debris and dirt. There is also the risk of urine and pet hair soiling the rugs.

It is best to combat pet odors and stains by preventing them, but there are ways to clean pet odor and stain if they become an issue. A professional grade protectant can be applied to the rugs when they are purchased. Over-the-counter options do not provide long last results and are not as cost-effective. A 3M Scotchgard Formula or Micro seal Permanent Carpet Protectant are recommended. They coat and seal rug fibers.

Bacteria from pet urine soaks into the threads of the rug and cause pet odor. At home combat with homemade or over-the-counter sprays neutralize the scent. Permanent pet odor removal requires having area rugs professionally cleaned.


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