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Brooklyn Startups. Special Episode!

by Tim Houghten. Narrated by Millian

Welcome to the newest Update from Brooklyn Made.

This month we are bringing a special episode on Brooklyn Startups!

New York has surpassed Silicon Valley as perhaps the top startup ecosystem in the world. Brooklyn is certainly a major part of that, if not NYC’s main startup hub. We’re trendier, edgier, and far more appealing to new entrepreneurs and ventures.

Recent estimates put the number of remote or independent workers in Brooklyn at about 60%. Many of whom either have their own businesses or work in startups.

As of last year, there were 7,000 startups in NYC, 326,000 tech jobs, with over $10B being invested in local startups each year. It’s an estimated $71B sector that keeps growing. Google and other tech giants keep on making billion-dollar expansion plans in the Empire State to ensure they are close to the action.

Now let’s check out 25 of the hottest startups happening in Brooklyn now…


Biolite is a cleantech startup that began with the idea of creating camping style stoves that don’t require burning fossil fuels. Their new sustainable home cooking device can eliminate fuel consumption and emissions by 90% while powering LED lights and charging mobile devices.



Downtown Brooklyn based MiMedia is a cloud storage startup for helping people upload, organize, and manage their digital possessions from their mobile devices. They offer truly private sharing and a free 10 GB of storage to get you started.



DUMBO-based Credsimple is a healthcare startup with a SaaS product for simplifying the credentialing process.



Based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Kisi made the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies last year. They boast that their smart keyless door lock system powered by mobile phones is used by over 300,000 customers, on almost 8,000 doors and facilitates 6.2M unlocks per month. Their partners reportedly include the US Airforce, AngelList, CBRE, and Digital Ocean.


Mouth Foods

E-commerce startup Mouth Foods is based in DUMBO. They’re helping small-batch food makers grow their businesses by helping consumers discover new and delicious indie foods. Check out their monthly culinary gift box subscriptions and ice coffees. They’ve been featured in Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Travel + Leisure and The New York Times.



Greenpoint food tech startup HowGood helps provide transparency on food and its sources. Specifically, to help businesses understand and rank sources for sustainability. They rank everything from eggs to raw foods to tea. Among their partners, they count General Mills, Nielsen, and Walmart.



The Brooklyn based ticket selling platform that moves more than 12 million concert tickets each month. They’ve even grown to expand and bring the service to LA, London, and Nashville. Use it to see live artists like John Legend, Metallica, YFN, and Post Malone.



TuneCore helps music artists sell their work online and keep their profits. They’ve paid out more than a billion dollars in earnings to artists. Use it to move your work on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Google. Located in Dumbo.


Big Spaceship

Dumbo located Big Spaceship is a digital agency in adtech helping brands like Samsung, Capital One, West Elm, and BMW.



Edtech startup, Amplify helps K-12 teachers make education more engaging for their students. They are in all 50 states and Washington DC, and over 21,000 schools across more than 9,000 school districts.



Dumbo’s Huge is an Adtech and branding company that was expanded to 14 locations worldwide.



Dumbo born Etsy has been one of the great facilitators of many other new ventures all over the world. They now claim almost 30 million customers and vendors. A marketplace for finding and selling unique and handmade goods online. Now a public company traded on the NASDAQ.



Williamsburg’s goTenna helps bring connectivity when other Wifi, satellite, and mobile carriers aren’t there. They recently closed a $24M round of capital fundraising led by the Founders Fund.


Gimlet Media

Digital media company Gimlet media is headquartered in Gowanus. They specialize in narrative podcasts, with at least 11 shows, including kids’ channels and those covering startup life.



Greenpoint’s Kickstarter platform has enabled over 16 million people back an enormous amount of other new startups. The original crowdfunding platform which has funded almost $4.5B across almost 500k startups and projects.



East Williamsburg’s Livestream provides live video broadcasting tools for places of worship, education, sports, government, conferences and more. Clients include the Dow Jones, Tough Mudder and Spotify. Over 10M events use Livestream every year. According to TechCrunch, the service was recently bought by and integrated with YouTube competitor, Vimeo.



Mindbodygreen is an online blog, a platform for video training and classes and event host focusing on wellness, spirituality, and the environment. Based in Dumbo.



Downtown Brooklyn’s Makerbot is a pioneer in the 3D printing space. Best known as one of the first to offer affordable 3D printers. Their printers start from a little over $1,000. They also provide printing materials and run the world’s largest 3D printing community.



Based in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Call9 has 100 local Brooklyn employees and has raised at least $34M in funding. Their backers include YCombinator. They specialize in the high tech healthcare space, providing emergency care to nursing home patients and residents.


Motivate LLC

Motivate is a bike-sharing startup with global reach, and are making cities greener and more accessible. They provide over 17 million rides in New York City each year. They employ over 800 people and have partnered with Citi and Lyft. Operating out of Industry City.


Red Antler

Dumbo’s Adtech startup Red Antler has helped brands like Vevo, Betterment, Birchbox, Google, Zagat, and Foursquare research and create digital experiences.


Vice Media

Digital magazine publishers Vice Media cover everything from entertainment to technology, lifestyle, the environment, politics and of course sex, drugs, and rap music.



Headquartered in Dumbo, Paperspace has been helping individuals and companies make the most of the new series of Chromebooks and Macbooks, by giving them access to all the programs, gaming and data they really love to use via virtual desktops in the cloud. They’re also heavily into machine learning and data science.



SPortsRecruits boasts having 100% of college coaches on its platform. This is where athletes and their families can connect with coaches and find the right college while simplifying the process of getting recruited. Based in Downtown Brooklyn.


Work & Co

This digital agency in Dumbo works on digital products for big brands like Lyft, IKEA, Apple, Epic Games, and Google.



This health tech startup in Dumbo is striving to improve the interaction between patients and health insurance providers. They’ve partnered with Gartner and Salesforce and have brought together a team from WebMD, Disney, Deloitte Apple and more.


In conclusion…

Brooklyn has emerged as one of the top places in the world for entrepreneurs and startups. Our entrepreneurial spirit knows no boundaries. We’ve already got many of the most exciting ventures in the world being incubated and grown here. It will be exciting to see what’s next.

Next month we’ll be back to our regular installment of New York Real Estate News. Make sure you tune in to catch up on all the latest developments and trends.

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