Interview With Barry Koven – Season 1, Episode 18 – Brooklyn Made
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Interview With Barry Koven – Season 1, Episode 18

Barry Koven is one of the top producing renovation loans specialists. Twelve years ago, Barry made a complete career change into the mortgage business. He has a passion for making homeownership and home renovation dreams a reality.

In this podcast, Barry lets you in on the best-kept secret in the mortgage industry. He talks about what renovation loans are, their advantages over second mortgages and how they often make the most sense.

[00:02:19] How Barry got started in the mortgage industry

[00:03:15] The best-kept secret in the mortgage industry

[00:05:29] Why people should consider a renovation loan over a second mortgage

[00:07:11] How getting a renovation loan works

[00:08:24] How renovation loans look at the future value and usage of the property

[00:09:39] How renovation loans are appropriate for both big and small renovations

[00:12:09] Why are renovation loans not talked about more?

[00:13:48] What can be included in a renovation loan

[00:15:18] Can you choose the contractor?

[00:16:39] Are these loans harder and more complicated to get?

[00:18:53] The importance of working with someone experienced in renovation loans

[00:20:40] How the contractor gets paid

[00:23:39] How renovation loans have the advantage of consumer protection

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Barry Koven
Loan Officer at: Loan Depot

As one of the top producing Renovation Loan Specialists in the country, Barry Koven is known for his product knowledge, customer service, professionalism, and integrity. Barry’s success is not limited to only renovation loans, he is proficient with all real estate financing including

Renovation/Construction financing is what Barry refers to as “The best-kept secret in the mortgage industry”. This product allows one to borrow the funds for both the purchase and renovations of a home, to fix up a home already owned, or to build a new home. Barry can finance

Barry’s passion and desire to help people make their homeownership dreams a reality is evident in every transaction. Known for his customer service and loyalty always as his top priority has enabled Barry after 13 years in the mortgage industry to be an extremely successful top producer in his marketplace.

Prior to his highly successful mortgage career Barry spent over 20 years in the music business achieving great success ending up as the Senior Vice President of National Sales at one of the largest and most innovative record labels TommyBoy Music / Warner Music Group where he was responsible for the sales and marketing of many gold and multi-platinum recording artists.

Barry lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife of over 20 years and could not be more proud of his 2 children in high school and college.

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