Interview With Joseph Feldman – Season 1, Episode 17 – Brooklyn Made
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Interview With Joseph Feldman – Season 1, Episode 17

[00:01:09] Why did you choose this line of work?

[00:02:46] What is the importance of having insurance?

[00:03:58] What does a typical home policy cover?

[00:06:05] What are some of the mistakes landlords make these days getting a new policy?

[00:06:58] High-Value Home Insurance: what does it mean and what is the difference?

[00:09:34] What are the most common property insurances that the industry offers right now?

[00:10:43] What is the most important thing to include in your insurance policy today?

[00:12:31] Are you able to get a better deal if you insurance multiple buildings at once?

[00:14:23] What is the number one thing that people overlook?

[00:16:04] Your situation can change over the years. Is there a certain amount a time you need to reconsider what you’re covered for?

[00:19:17] A story of Joseph making a difference and stories of those who decide not to go forward with insurance policies - Business owner and manager didn’t realize the need of getting workers comp for the employees he workers with and hires day-to-day.

Episode #17  - Interview With Joseph Feldman 4
Joseph Feldman
Insurance Agent at: Prime Insurance

Home disaster, injury on property or loss of precious items can hit when you least expect it. On the podcast today, we’ll talk to Joseph Feldman from Prime Insurance to discuss the importance of property insurance. We will also discuss the components of an insurance policy, the importance of having the right insurance for your needs, some mistakes insurance buyers make and how to prevent making these mistakes.

We put a lot of time, effort and expense into building our lives. It’s essential to make sure that what we do acquire is safe, secure and will not cause us financial or emotional detriment in the future. Led by Joseph, we’ll learn that purchasing insurance that fits your needs is the best investment you can make.

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