Interview With Dr. Marie O’Connor – Season 2, Episode 1 – Brooklyn Made
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Interview With Dr. Marie O’Connor – Season 2, Episode 1

The before-and-after is unbelievable, we usually do about five sessions on, at times it depends on how much that you have, what areas are we focusing on and so forth, but the result has been absolutely tremendous. Again a technology from Europe, that just came out to the market in 2015.


[00:01:46] Marie you're the owner of Nordic edge, first of all before we dive into this, tell us what is Nordic edge?

[00:02:57] So when you talk about these different CBD, is it mostly about relaxation and tension release or is there weight loss included and firming up, what are some of the benefits of this?

[00:04:32] I'm interested by the fact that you said that a lot of this is coming from European traditions and things that they're doing, are they ahead of us?

[00:05:15] When I think about the way that we're eating in America compared to Europe, I mean we probably need to detox and get out this inflammation and everything because of the processed foods that are not approved in Europe, right?

[00:06:00] Marie how did you get into cryotherapy in the first place?

[00:07:38] Well timing is everything, isn't it?

[00:08:17] Wow, and it's going well? Yes, it's going well we have a couple locations now and we're continuing to grow.

[00:08:23] Can you kind of talk about what Cryo-T-Shock is?

[00:09:45] Wow, as you're talking about this I'm hearing several different types of sessions here in America that we would have to sign up for and prepare for, I mean you're getting these all in one session?

[00:10:48] Wow, so who is your ideal clientele, I mean we're looking for someone who needs to lose a certain amount of inches because they've got a wedding coming up or who are we looking at?

[00:12:49] I keep hearing you talk about pain and inflammation that is really interesting to me. How are you getting rid of the inflammation, what are your processes?

[00:12:59] If you get injured, what's the first thing you put on? Let's say you sprained your ankle, the first thing you want to do is put ice on it, if you want to reduce that inflammation into that area. So we take that concept and actually cryotherapy

[00:14:24] What is the biggest hurdle when you're trying to grow your business, is it the in-familiarity with it?

[00:15:44] What are some of the items that you sell in your office, I mean in your stores and everything, some take away things?

[00:17:16] Where do you see yourself in five years?

[00:18:14] I think you've got a pretty good chance of that happening, it's a pretty neat product that you're doing. Let's talk about your Brooklyn location?

[00:19:32] I'm excited about the Brooklyn location, what is the best way to book a session?

[00:20:47] Wow, that's very cool. Are there any specials or promotions, especially for the grand openings?

Interview With Marie O'Conner - Season 2, Episode 1 1
Dr. Marie O'Connor
Founder of The Nordic Edge

Our mission is to create cutting-edge modern wellness experiences that help people look and feel their best. In our safe and comforting spaces, we can help you sense a positive change in your life in as few as 3 minutes a day. So you can do, make, explore, and go wherever your heart takes you. Nothing can stop you now.



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