Episode #19 – Interview With Geoffrey Cobb – Brooklyn Made
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Episode #19 – Interview With Geoffrey Cobb

by Suzanne Lynn

[00:02:25] Can you tell us more about Dominos sugar?

[00:03:05] Could you please tell us more about the conditions of the refinery?

[00:06:31] Tell us more about the turmoil in the States and around the world because of this?

[00:08:29] The sugar industry really shaped the economy and the skyline when it comes to the sugar industry. What would the city have been without it?

[00:10:53] Did the art come from the mansion facing central park?

[00:12:03] Could you tell us more about the sugar trust?

[00:14:35] What made Henry Havemeryer push the American government to fight with Spain?

[00:14:55] It was all about the money, right?

[00:16:13] Does Met Museum have a responsibility to talk about the money and the history of the art hanging on their walls?

[00:18:09] What did the president of the United States say about this?

[00:20:06] What kind of emotion does seeing sugar evoke from you knowing what you know now?

[00:21:34] Why did the union solider need so much sugar a month?

[00:22:33] What was the influence of the Sherman act?

[00:27:41] Let’s talk about his family that’s living today.

[00:30:09] What’s happening to the modern Domino sugar building?

[00:31:00] Special thank you to Michael Kawochka from Warren Lewis Sotheby's International Realty for making this introduction and helping with the interview!

Geoffrey Cobb
Geoffrey Cobb
Founder of Rise and Fall of The Sugar King

Geoffrey Cobb is the author of the book Rise and Fall of the Sugar King which shows what it really cost to create the sugar industry. He’s got touching stories of how Henry Havemeyer would stop at nothing just to see his company thrive. We discuss how this has personally affected him and we’re sure from this, you won’t be able to view sugar the same way.

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