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Top Choice for Baby Boomers

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Popular ZIP Codes: Brooklyn Is a Top Choice for Baby Boomers

Popular ZIP Codes: Brooklyn Is a Top Choice for Baby Boomers


With a vibrant cultural scene as well as a steadily developing tech core, Brooklyn is now one of the trendiest locations in the US, and not just for one slice of the population. As we’ve seen already, Brooklyn is among the most popular ZIP codes for millennials, and although it might seem that baby boomers and millennials don’t share the same priorities when it comes to location preferences, Brooklyn appears to be the hotspot for both these generations.

RENTCafé released another study to determine where the new seniors are living their lives, which found that some of the most popular ZIP codes for boomers are in NYC, more specifically Brooklyn. While it’s expected that the younger generations migrate towards urban cores, the study found that more and more boomers show interest in the big city life.

Brooklyn ZIP Codes by the numbers:

  • Brooklyn boasts the ZIP code with the most Boomers in the nation, 19,450 in ZIP code 11234.
  • Brooklyn’s 11239 tops the list of the most trending places for Baby Boomers in the State of New York, with the sharpest increase seen in a ZIP code: 35% in 5 years.

Why Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a rapidly developing area, which saw an increase in the number of both renters and owners, from 2010 to 2017. Renters under 34 years of age are now 24% more than in 2010, and the number of renters over 60 grew by 12%. Despite common misconceptions, Brooklyn is very friendly for seniors, offering various programs and cultural activities. The trends that come along with this new way of retiring are focused around convenience and community. Proximity to restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment options, healthcare facilities, and other features is very important for boomers who seek a more active lifestyle.

“We recently sold our home to have more flexibility. Plus the apartment complex has a gym, indoor pool, club room, billiard room, movie room so it’s very amenity heavy”, a renter over 53 from NYC responded in a survey from 2018, carried out by RENTCafé. Another answer was “I live in a great area. It is close to public transportation, shopping, the river, and park”.

Some Brooklyn neighborhoods even mimic the suburban feel, which is an attractive point for both seniors and millennials. Renting in Brooklyn offers the convenience of living in the big city without the maddening crowd and the agitated routine.

National Outlook

Apart from New York City, which boasts the majority of ZIP codes with the largest share of baby boomers, other cities towards which they gravitate are Las Vegas, Austin, Phoenix, and Portland. There is a preference for mid-sized cities as well, with Tucson, AZ, and Fort Lauderdale, FL, also coming up in the top. Despite this growing interest in urban centers, the traditional retirement destinations have not been shoved aside, with Texas, Arizona, and Florida remaining the homes of boomer-popular ZIP codes.

If you want to see the methodology and check how Brooklyn and NYC compared to other cities, read the full study on the most popular ZIP codes for baby boomers.


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