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More Millennials Are Moving to Brooklyn

Art Studios is a thing in NY. New York has its significant share of creative minds and artists in the country. It is the dream of most artists to set up studios in NY. However, finding office spaces in NY is not easy. Some of the challenges of finding an office as an artist in NY are;

Popular ZIP Codes: More Millennials Are Moving to Brooklyn

Popular ZIP Codes: More Millennials Are Moving to Brooklyn

Millennials are the generation to watch, as they drive many of the current trends, with housing being no exception. Millennials represent the largest segment of the workforce, and we would expect to see them in urban cores and around business centers.

In an effort to find the most popular ZIP codes for millennials, RENTCafé released a study to determine where this generation is moving. As expected, the general trend is for them to migrate to downtown and near downtown areas, in the bigger cities or the emerging tech hubs.

As it turns out, the largest millennial population is seen in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, and NYC dominates the top with nine out of the 20 ZIP codes. However, none of those are in Manhattan, as Brooklyn and Queens take over. More attractive prices and plenty of opportunities turn these boroughs into hotspots for this generation.

Brooklyn ZIP Codes by the numbers:

  • Zip code 11211 in Williamsburg is home to almost 44,000 millennials, the largest of any other zip code in the U.S.
  • 5 out of top 20 zip codes with the largest share of millennials are in Brooklyn.

Why Brooklyn?

Living in New York City is extremely attractive for young people looking for both career and entertainment opportunities. As a borough of it, Brooklyn offers that and more. After experiencing a period of renaissance, Brooklyn became the new it-place for artists and cultural icons, as well as entrepreneurs and tech companies. The newer generation created a startup-friendly environment which welcomes innovation, and the influx of hipsters—who bring gentrification along with them—helped this borough grow.

Brooklyn’s diversity is also a big plus for millennials, who are looking for a place where everyone can belong. This borough, although well incorporated within the larger city, maintains a unique culture which millennials value and identify with, making it one of the top choices for relocation.

National Outlook

Nationally, downtown and near downtown areas are dominating when it comes to millennials’ preferences. Big names like Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago are popular with this younger generation, whose members are often choosing the city of destination for the opportunities of working with big companies and businesses.

However, the study found a growing interest in the downtown areas within Denver, Columbus, and Charlotte, where culture and entertainment create a friendly, less congested environment. This is telling of this generation’s lifestyle, as its members value experiences and are looking for a vibrant place to live in.

Check out the full study on the top trending ZIP codes for millennials and compare Brooklyn and NYC to the rest of the country.


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